Finding Lusno Falls in Ronda, Cebu, Philippines

There is no more doubt in my mind that Cebu is home to numerous waterfalls and I stumbled upon another one together with my cousins and sister. Another not-so-mainstream yet equally notable waterfalls in the island of Cebu is called Lusno Falls located in the town of Ronda, Cebu, Philippines.

The Lusno Falls in Ronda has no entrance fee and is also quite a distance from the national road. Asking our habal-habal driver as well as the locals, we found out that this beautiful natural wonder is actually near the border between Ronda and Argao already!

You will pass by some farms along the way towards Lusno Falls
Also, some of the locals installed this place to chill overlooking the river and the waterfalls, luckily it was summer and thew water levels were not really high
Its untouched beauty will definitely be appealing to anyone who loves nature or spending time in the great outdoors. The front of the falls features a shower cascade as the first level and a green-blue deep pool-like area in the second level. As always, when one is exploring these places one must be careful for the rock formation is slippery and the downward current of the falls is also strong (depending on the season or weather of course).

It blue green for a moment then it suddenly turned murky. Climate Change perhaps?
The second level can give you a feeling of being in an infinity pool surrounded by green mountains and a clear blue sky if one took a dip atop the first level waterfalls.

This was our first stop in our southern exploration during our family reunion in Dumanjug, Cebu and after this we also went to find another waterfalls in Dumanjug (which I'll talk about in a separate post.).

It does look like the 5th level of Aguinid falls in Samboan at first glance
I'll definitely try to return to this place since I got word that there's another waterfalls and possibly a cave just over the border into Argao.

Getting There!
Just like other southern destinations in Cebu, this is accessible via South Bus Terminal and you only have to stop in the Town of Ronda. From there you can hire motor-taxi drivers to take you to this place. However, the drawback to this place I think is that the habal2 drivers asked for a 100Php per person fare, although given it's distance from the main road, I found it rather acceptable later on (it's really far away).

Also, be prepared to sit for at least an hour since this place is really really, I mean really remote that you have to ask the drivers to wait for you since there are no readily available habalx2 drivers in the area.
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