Unravelling the Secrets of Bugho Falls in San Fernando Cebu

San Fernando may not be your go-to place for waterfalls or a tourist destination but it is slowly becoming one with the discovery of this waterfalls called Bugho Falls. This is another spot to add to the long list of options down the south of Cebu.

This was our 2nd day activity during our 1,000 peso challenge during our stay in San Fernando via Bacalla Woods Campsite (BWC). This is the real highlight of our trip and my primary motivation for joining the challenge among bloggers--the trek to the hidden waterfalls!

The 1 hour trek according to the guide took us about 3? Photo by: RadySetGo

Group Photos and smiles despite the summer heat
There are two more known and explored waterfalls in the municipality which are Busay Falls (which I solo-ed, read more here) and Lisuran Falls (which cannot be solo-ed as I think this is right below Busay Falls). According to our guide, they are also exploring another waterfalls that is a bit difficult and needs proper gear to explore in the future.

Me, Rea and Channel got left behind since we were looking for really really cold softdrinks >_< We asked the locals and were told to find this bridge nga naa ra sa unahan (mountain speak for really really far)
There are actually two routes to access this waterfalls, through the river or going around the bridge. Going through the slippery rocks, boulders and occasionally wading through the river, I tried my best not to slip since my drone is not waterproof, so I was basically the sweeper of the group. This place was already near the border of San Fernando (18 Km from San Fernando's Poblacion) and approaching the town of pinamungahan.

Photo by: RadySetGo.wordpress.com

Me trying to cross this single bamboo bridge. Photo by: Miss BeanInTransit.com

Miss Bean, me and Rady all in one photo
As expected, the waterfalls was not in its full might as season was already shifting towards summer; I can only imagine the overflowing version of Bugho waterfalls.

You can swim in this area as well as have a picnic or perhaps set up a hammock. There are shallow and deeper parts as well, or you may do a little rock climbing to access its second level that has a mini natural Jacuzzi of sort.

Do you know of other “secret” spots?

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