Many ways to Make Money on Valentines Day

While Valentine’s Day is typically for lovers to spend time together and generally spend money, on the receiving end of that spending are the entrepreneurs – who are also happy that day.

Instead of dwelling and feeling bitter and emptying your wallet to buy your special someone or yourself something special, you can take advantage of this season to make some profit. If you are single, why not suck the cash from these lovey-dovey spenders for they are clearly not in-control of their spending habits?

Here are the many ways to make money this Valentine’s Day!

If you are skilled in cooking or making things, you only need to spend capital for the materials and the rest is just your sweat equity. But if you don’t have those skills, then you can buy-and-sell stuff instead.

Choose your poison: Chocolates, Candy, Cake, Sweets, Flowers, Calligraphy Art or Love Letters, Stuff Toys, Pillows, Couple Shirts (Matching stuff: couple shoes, couple headgear,..etc..), Romantic Novels, Make-up Kits, Edible undergarments(?), Condoms, Scented Candles, Jewelries, Wine, Beer and the like items.

Now you can do this traditionally or even online. You can also choose a specific target market, those who are for Valentines or those who are Anti-Valentines; yes, that’s also a market.

If you think you are not good at product selling, how about selling services? You can start by:
Baby/Children/Pet Sitting: This is targeted typically for married couples who wish to spend some time together for a change as well as dating singles who need someone to watch over their pet/s.
Photography and Video Shooting: In this age of filters and Couple Goals, why not offer to document these moments forever? For a fee of course!
Delivery Agent – From a B2B aspect, this can be an option but you should have a network of business contacts to work with. A lot of companies whose services are essential on that day can easily get overwhelmed with orders and may need some help with deliveries. Businesses like florists, gift shops, bakeries, restaurants may need an extra hand.
Event Organizer – Different couples want different things, some are party goers, others want adventure. As an event organizer you can host a party for singles or couples; perhaps even organize a trip to the mountains, to beach or island hopping get-aways, but of course you need to make it a worthwhile package!
Skill Based Services – If there are events, then people are who make the event happen are also needed. If it’s a party, a DJ or a singer’s services are in-demand. If you have a skill in cooking, you can be a Private Chef for a day for a couple or company who can afford your rates. Artists can also make money by doing some couple art or doodles for them to purchase and take home (Hair stylists and make-up artists, Graphic Designers, are included here too).
Car Services – be a private driver/delivery/shuttling service provider, or just take advantage of the influx of people travelling to various date-spot places in the city

Also, just like any other seasonal event, prices are typically inflated for the above products and services. It’s also a good idea to refrain from spending too much and save.
For those who were originally planning to spend the day weeping into a giant tub of ice cream and doing nothing, why not try to make some money instead?

Have you made money from Valentine’s Day? How?

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