Franchises under a million in the Philippines

Do you finally have the capital for a business but have no idea what to do? Establishing your own business can be a lot of hard work which requires brainstorming, business plans that can surely take a toll on your body, mind, and health. Maybe getting into the franchise business is ideal for you!

About Franchising

No business offers guaranteed success, not even franchising. Consumers’ tastes are continually changing, making the market more unpredictable by the day. That’s why both the operator/franchisee and the whatever existing frameworks a franchise must be adaptable.


  • You start in the middle - You have access to proprietary methods & a proven system to follow and use.
  • Better Brand Recognition - Most franchises have existing customers that patronize them, so this saves you extra time and effort in marketing and sales due to an existing customer base.
  • Support - Part of the package is you get marketing, supplier, training, and business support.


  • Royalty Payments - For as long as you are a franchisee, you will have to pay some percentage of the monthly gross back to the franchisor, reducing your profit potential.
  • Limited Creativity/Flexibility - Most franchise contracts have very explicit standards, allowing little or no alterations or additions to the brand, stifling any creativity on the part of the franchisee. 
  • Sole Sourcing - Some franchise contracts stipulate that franchisors must buy supplies only from an approved list of suppliers, possibly at a higher cost.

Here’s a small compilation of potentially profitable yet affordable food businesses that are open for franchising in the Philippines under a million pesos. This does not only consider the franchise fee but also start-up or operating capital as well.

Crystal Clear Water Refilling Station
Minimum initial investment: Php800,000
Package inclusions: Franchise fee, store layout and design, initial inventory, training, operations manual, marketing and operational support, etc..
Space requirement: 25 sqm

Master Siomai Food Cart Franchise
Initial investment: Php280,000
Package inclusions: Franchise fee, food cart, initial food and paper products worth Php7,000, equipment, kitchen wares, crew uniform, cleaning supplies, and marketing materials.

Minute Burger Franchise
Initial investment: Php600,000
Package inclusions: Name, logo, and trademark use, franchise fee, store design and construction, equipment, franchisee and crew training, initial working capital, etc.

Mister Donut
Estimated Investment: Php700,000
Inclusion: The franchise fee is Php50,000, while the carts range from Php200,000 to Php650,000, POS tablet, crew uniform, small wares & equipment.

ML Kwarta Padala
Franchise Fee: Php99,000
Inclusions: Franchise fee, Php25,000 loaded to ML Wallet, tablet, MLKP Express System, Wi-fi printer & marketing collaterals.

The Generics Pharmacy
Initial Investment: Php700,000
Inclusions: Franchise Fee, P.O.S system, operating capital, location improvements.

TouchPay - Automated payment machines
Estimated Investment: Php350,000 (no franchise fee)

Potato Corner
Franchise Fee: Php230,000 to Php800,000
Inclusions: Cart (size vary); equipment, initial supplies, & training.

Zagu Pearl Shakes
Minimum initial investment: Php450,000 to Php650,000
Package inclusions: Trademark and logo use, proprietary recipes, ingredients, and procedures, food cart construction cost, initial inventory, crew uniform and training, and marketing support

The common mistake here is that most franchisees expect the business franchise to work by itself. You still need to be a sharp business person to make it work.

Franchising may or may not be for you, and it offers no guarantee of success but you have lots of options to choose from when starting such as food, water, retail, products & services type. Assess yourself, find where your passions and strengths lie.

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