Tis the season to be Kuripot

11.11 sale and Black Friday deals just finished and you think that’s the end of it? NO, there’s
still 12.12 sales by online selling/e-commerce platforms. Add to that the so-called holidays or
SAVINGS day sales from malls and all retail shops. And the never-ending manito-manita or kris
kringles in between Christmas parties.

I’m not saying that we should not give or we should be stingy and be the Grinch in your house,
barkada or workplace. All I’m saying is PAUSE, and use your head and perhaps even your feet
and run away from all these money-sucking activities or events!

Just like other holidays, we all know that this ‘Season’ comes and goes. Like during all-souls or
all-saints day, you don’t have to honor the dead on that day, there’s plenty of time to go in the
365 days that we have in a year. Similarly, we can also plan our expenses or shopping during
the non-peak season for gift giving.

And for us in Cebu, we all know that this does not simply end here, there’s going to be a year-end sale, after Christmas, or perhaps others will have a New Year Sale instead. After that,
there’s Sinulog, Chinese New Year and then Valentine Sale, and that’s for the next 3 months.
So if you are saving for that travel goal, insurance payments, investments, car, house, then you
better control yourself.

The Truth about ‘SALE’ and discounts

I remember in college and in the various marketing workshops I’ve joined through the years that
these so-called events are designed to entice consumers to spend money on non-essential
commodities. For others, it is an opportunity to move non-moving inventory items.

Naturally, for businesses, it is an opportunity to make more money through ‘Odd’ pricing
(Php999.99) and/or even marked-up discount pricing. For Example:

  • A retail product is priced at Php10.00,
  • It is then presented to be marked-up to Php15.00 but has a 30% discount
  • So the final price is now Php10.50

How to reduce or not spend your money this season

  • To avoid online shopping, just straight up delete these apps on your smartphone, tablet..etc.., block websites on your desktop computer and unsubscribe to newsletters that send you stuff to buy.
  • If you are really impulsive, better to close or not have a credit card at all.
  • For Kris Kringle, try to be creative (D.I.Y. gift-giving) with your gifts.
  • If you see a “SAVINGS DAY SALE” sign, tell yourself “You can’t save money when you actually spend it in a Sale, duh.” (repeat many times)
  • Plan yours for your seasonal shopping or gifts.
  • You can use a theme - I’ve done this before, I gave everyone the same thing as a gift and also consider buying in bulk.
  • D.I.Y gift giving - make the gifts yourself (A card, toy, figurine,..etc..)
  • Pause - Allow yourself to stand still and wait for the urge to shop to go away.

But at the end of the day, I think what works best is still to think of what really matters in your
life. Stop and think about what gets you the most excited in life. What’s the one thing you really
want to do? Hold that thought, and save that money for it’s going to be worth it.

Tis the season to be kuripot!

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