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Monday, February 02, 2009

2009 Graduation Dilemma

Monday, February 02, 2009 Posted by vernon go , , , ,
Those who will go through Graduation this 2009 will be a dilemma and a challenging year. Graduation is an important day for anyone ready to face the world. This not only for college graduates but for high school as well. One could say that Graduating this 2009 would really suck due to the Global Financial and Economic Crisis, Lay-offs all over the globe, and the like situations.

I had a talk with our IE chair w/ Miko after paneling for the IE Leadership Expedition Batch 3: Blitzkreig. We were talking about school life, problems and of course the dreaded "FUTURE." But his main message to us was "While you are still young, Invest in yourself." That statement got me thinking and a lot of thoughts came about into my mind.

From possibly investing early in a service related business since its is much cheaper, to applying in a call center since the pay is quite high, being a normal employee, continual education w/in or outside the country, and even teaching.

I have so much stuff planned for the future like establishing an online business other than my blogs, a non-online business, continual education and the like. But with the Global crisis abound I am getting more and more confused with my decisions and priorities. I have to possibly send my sister through college, finish the Young Minds Academy, Look for a job, look for a side line job, do business...AHHHHHHHH

So much to do, so many constraints to consider (Money, time, & like.) I would go as far as to think that I would rather let things be the same or as is right now, i'd say.

Any words of Wisdom out there?