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Friday, July 31, 2009

SM City Cebu mall-wide WiFi Launching

Friday, July 31, 2009 5

If you're a techie or blogger who carries around wifi ready devices such as laptops, notebooks or the like then this is good news for you! In cooperation with Philcom, SM City cebu will be launching their mall-wide free wifi at the northwing atrium. There will be Raffles, contests and prizes to be given away! For more information please visit and click HERE.

Be there at the SM City Cebu mall-wide WiFi Launching!
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Monday, July 27, 2009

My thoughts on President Arroyo's 2009 State of the Nation Address

Monday, July 27, 2009 5
In fairness to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, I would rate her 2009-9th State of the nation address as somewhat Bitter-sweet or somewhat just a passing grade. She did mention facts of success that which her administration was responsible for, a start but still not enough. Things and stuff that was discussed in the 2009 state of the Nation address is of course the ongoing global crisis and our economic resiliency plans, climate change, education, programs of the administration more specifically with regards to trade and investments, agribusiness, mining, tourism, environment, energy and technology, achieving peace and order by crushing terrorism and rebellion and of course addressing the issue of corruption.

On education, she introduced credible successes but in the span of her term from 2001-2009, she could have done better. Another thing that she mentioned is that there will be an implementation of a "2-year pre-university program" to make filipinos globally acknowledged and competitive, this I think will be debated in the months or years to come.

On climate change, she did not mention the misbehavior of DENR and DOE for issuing or allowing more coal plants and lack of consultation for other related ventures. The rest of her samples are good and I'm looking forward about it but still, it is "To be...to be implemented." Such as the lowering of power costs, Bio Fuels law, Alternative Energy sources...and the like.

On the Global Financial and economic crisis, well we have a different financial and economic system compared to the US, we do not have a sub-prime mortgage crisis, bad lending practices and so-on which may have contributed to our not so affected economy. All of the stuff her mentioned regarding this was too vague or "motherhood statements."

On Business and employment, mentioning new policies to help our local entrepreneurs and returning OFWs engaging in business. She cited that there should be an ICT department and the ever growing and competitive BPO and tourism industries. Once again, not totally proactive planning; these two industries alone cannot employ all of the Filipinos who are under/unemployed; I am not really a fan of sending more OFWs abroad, we should focus more on developing our local economy and not just encouraging the youth to take "TREND Courses."

On peace and order in Mindanao, she mentioned peace talks to the CPP and MILF but no mention of the Abu-sayaff? Hmmmm

On giving thanks and orders to congress, she did this a lot like telling them to make more budget requests on specific stuff, the passing of pending bills such as CARP extension, Maximum retail price for Cheaper meds, and the Transport Security law.

On lashing out on her critics, I'd say this is the first time she did respond to them. It was quite funny where she was sarcastic towards some people like Erap or people in the opposition. It's good to see that she was somewhat hurt and is definitely human. hehehe

She mentioned some samples or symbols of success from a badjao native, an OFW, a muslim Bar Exam top notcher, Manny Pacquiao and others. But it still does not show the current situation of the majority of filipinos.

Although she did not mention that she will not pursue another position, or do a martial law, she did say something about Voting, that she will fight and continue to work until the last day of her term. It is somewhat hanging but unlike previous State of the Nation Addresses, she did not mention of future plans but instead talked about her overall administration achievements from 2001 to 2009 as if she will be living. But then again, there is still about 10-11 months to go and we will know in the coming months or until her term ends that she would not become prime mister or something else.

I wanted her to be balanced in resenting her State of the Nation Address like mentioning the negatives and the positives but I guess that is not her style. But I give her a passing grade for she did what she can as president, while inheriting the previous problems of the administration that she took over, and facing challenges & problems such as the bird flu, H1N1 Virus, OFW problems abroad, natural disasters and the global economic & financial crisis.
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

What is UNO? (Unlimited Networks of Opportunites)

Sunday, July 26, 2009 30

Unlimited Network of Opportunities International Corporation
, or UNO is a company engaged in the distribution of health enhancing natural products and other services which recently opened in Cebu. UNO’s products range from a Glutathione soap, capsules and lotion; 8-in-1 Coffee that promotes well-being and boosts the immune system; Ultima-C, a non-acidic Vitamin C; and Fit Right slimming capsules with L-Carnitine, Green Tea and Ampalaya. UNO is also the distributor of Prepaid Pinoy, the newest, safest and most convenient way to sell prepaid cellphone cards.

More Questions than Answers…

According to chief operating officer William Barbo, clarifies that UNO is not a get-rich-quick scheme, It is a contemporary way of spreading wealth across multiple individuals instead of a select few.

Source: Philstar

Base from that, why do those people there presenting it in such a way that within a short period of time, you will have a weekly 5-6 figure income? I have listened to their orientations, but maybe I want to see it in writing so that I can truly analyze it, how does it really work?

What and where are companies are making these products since UNO is just its marketing arm?

They say they're business is legal but the way they recruit people is rather IRRITATING! I talked to another recruit at the seminar and he told me that his friend lured him there too. AND ANOTHER ONE TOLD ME THAT I SHOULD SELL WHATEVER I HAVE JUST TO PAY FOR THE KIT!

Source: Allentyurata.com

Similar situation happened to me, but I don’t blame my friend. The process of recruitment is somewhat quite annoying and irritating, why not just say it to my face directly? I don’t like to be given false hope or lied to, just to share some information, I may or may not understand but I’m smart enough to do my own research if ever I don’t understand much of it.

...Let's call him Tim. Back when I first met him, he was this shy-looking but cool teenager who knew a lot of people I knew—bands, DJs, and other people…. I even told him about my friend Karl and his funny attempts of trying to attract me to MLM….he was a nice and sensible lad, I thought, and I certainly would want to work with him in future projects (he used to have a band, and I used to produce recorded music).

But when I saw him again at UNO, it was as if he was a different person! He spoke like those salespeople you see in department stores…He explained MLM like a Master Showman host, joked around sometimes to not bore us, and confidently claimed that in spite of him being just a mere “tambay,” he was already earning as much as Php5,000 per week.

… My friend Karl reduced me into an MLM prospect. All the things he said to me, including his knowledge of my need of money to do my dream cultural projects, were all parrot-speak from his fellow UNO members. I would have preferred it if he just told me directly that if I joined, he will be earning. But no, he even used everything he knew about me as a friend just so he could convince me.

Source: The prodigal kamaru

I can relate to the statements…The thing that I observe is that, even if the COO guy said that it is not a get-rich-quick-scheme, people are somewhat unconsciously thinking that it is and promoting it as such. It saddens me to see my friend, not because of joining such a group but the personality and how I get treated now has totally changed, as if I am speaking to a totally different person! Maybe that is what money does to you or is it just blind greed?

Being a nice guy, I just listened to all the things he was saying but I told him that I was not convinced. So he asked help from a guy who seemed like an UNO veteran and the veteran started showing a lotta cash. While the guy was busy showing me wads of cash, I remembered an old story by a classmate of mine back in college who got scammed by Legacy. These were the same old tactics. In the back of my mind, I was saying "you gotta try harder than that boy."

Source: Skiverz

Someone explain what is MLM and/or network marketing really? …give me documentation of such a system & show me the model please…

UNO members say that in case you join, you have to work hard to be successful. But most presenter use the term “tambay” implying that it is easy and not much work at all, isn’t that contradictory? If I am still to work hard, I’ll just continue to do my thing and face life with its constant cycle of ups and downs and live it to the full.

For me there are far more better and beautiful things to do and discover than having a pursuit of MONEY, but that is just me; I’m giving this the Benefit of the doubt in order to satisfy my curiosity about how this UNO – Unlimited Networks of Opportunities really work.

If you're confused, here are some useful information about UNO:
PinoyExchange Forums
Istorya Forums
Pinoymoneytalk Forums
Chico's Blog

You Decide!
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bloggers MUST cover 2010 elections

Sunday, July 19, 2009 3
Recently, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) will invite bloggers to cover the 2010 elections, from the preparations up to the proclamation of winner/s. We have seen what citizen journalism can do in various places in the world, in China, Iran, US and so on..this is not only a great opportunity but a chance to make history as well.

The Comelec is formulating a “framework of cooperation” with the blogging community to cover key points in the elections such as voter education and field testing of counting machines, the commision’s spokesman, James Jimenez said.

“We believe that bloggers represent a significant part of the general public to be informed about the most recent developments in elections automation,” Jimenez, who is also a blogger. He cited the potential of blogs to educate the electorate, especially the youth.

“reform-minded” bloggers could organize a network of citizen journalists to guard against fraud or help their favored candidates win

Source: INQUIRER.net

Another post which struck me is of Babelmachine in CNET Asia blogs which talked about making sure one's blog is not for sale. He then raises an interesting question:

What then can the blogging community do to guard against such temptation themselves? These are ethical issues that media organizations have been wrestling with forever, and the right of bloggers to cover the news also comes with certain responsibilities to their readers....what kind of coverage can the public expect from a blogger, if his or her blog is for sale?

It is good that the comelec has recognized such an opportunity..the question now lies in the hands of the bloggers, whether they come together in their respective regions or online community, to plan on initiating such a coverage or do it all alone by joining other forms of coverage like Boto mo, ipatrol mo or the like; only time will tell.

Well, I can definitely say the together with CBS, we Bloggers MUST cover 2010 elections (whether we have the same or different political standings and candidate we support).
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Friday, July 17, 2009

Entrecard has been Acquired by Ziprunner, Inc.

Friday, July 17, 2009 1

Just received an email from the Graham Langdon, the Founder of EntreCard and announced that Entrecard has been fully acquired by Los Angeles based ZipRunner, Inc., quite surprising.

Now that Entrecard has been sold, I wonder what the future holds for them and for the users, new apps? A system or additional features? And I tried to search for ZipRunner, I can find much on them…We don’t know what will happen, only time will tell…Goodluck to Graham, to the new management of Entrecard and read the email excerpt below:

Dear Entrecarders,

It is with great excitement that I announce Entrecard.com, Inc. has been acquired by Los Angeles based ZipRunner Inc.

ZipRunner has the resources, vision, and dedication to Entrecard that will allow it to grow in pursuit of the vision I laid out nearly two years ago.

Moving forward, my relationship to Entrecard will be that of an adviser, and I will help the good folks at ZipRunner take the whole project to the next level. Expect a follow up communication from them very soon.

ZipRunner Inc. was chosen out of a number of potential suitors because of the resources they can dedicate to the project, their exciting vision for the company's future, and their understanding of social media and the blogosphere.

I urge you all to look forward to a bigger, better Entrecard, and I couldn't be more proud to bring it to this point before passing the torch. I've heard first hand all the great things that are in store for the company and it's members, and needless to say it has me quite excited.

If you would like to keep in touch with me in the future, your can find me at my new blog Ontrapranore.com where I look forward to sharing my stories of entrepreneurship and starting/running internet companies.

Whether you love or hate the decisions I've made for Entrecard in the past, I always did the best I could to move the company forward given the resources I had, and I always had the best interest of the members in mind. Now, with new management and ownership stepping in, I urge anyone who has left the service to give it another chance, and I urge those who have been loyal members for days, weeks, months, or years to look forward to a brighter future, a reliable and stable service, and
great new features and strategic direction.

Signing Off,
Graham Langdon
Founder of Entrecard
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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Digital Filipino Club & Bloggers Networking Event in Cebu 2

Sunday, July 12, 2009 7
The Digital Filipino Club has onced again organized a fellowship/networking event where e-commerce industry players and bloggers can catch up and exchange updates. This will be on July 11, Saturday, 6 to 11 pm at the Teatro Casino, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino, 1st Salinas Drive Lahug, Cebu City. The event was sponsored by one of their club members, PAGCOR cebu.

Photo by: Orville Tadle

6:00 - 7:00 Registration and Dinner (I was late again)
7:00 - 7:30 Guest introduction / plugs & Welcome Remarks (And still introduced myself w/ food in my mouth once again)
7:30 - 8:00 Updates by Janette (2009 Web Awards, Influential Blogs & Club updates)
8:00 - 8:30 Updates by PAGCOR
8:30 onwards Raffle and networking

Most of the guests were basically from Cebu Bloggers Society, some from Istorya dot Net, newbie & aspiring bloggers, the owner of Mynimo dot com, the owner of Ngkhai Mr Wilson Ng.

The food was prepared by "The Port" & was awesome which I went twice to fulfill my stomach! We had some raffles and freebies from Ayosdito PH, Yahoo (Shirt, Pop pins), PAGCOR (Shirt, Shopping Bag, key chains, some sort of GC for Casino Filipino). I got to finally try out some of the "Games" in Casino Filipino, but being the newbie that I was and also my fellow bloggers, we all lost Php3,500 worth of cash in one betting. Oh well, better luck next time! There is always next year!!

Thanks once again to the Digital Filipino Club, PAGCOR & Maam Janette Toral for this wonderful event!
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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Understanding Choices Forum

Thursday, July 09, 2009 0

Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center Presents the "Understanding Choices Forum - Mitigating the Impact of the Economic Crisis: What can we do in Cebu?"

Friday, July 10, 2009 from 1:00 PM - 5:30 PM (PT) Cebu City, Philippines

Various national programs have been initiated to ensure resiliency against the impact of the world financial crisis. However, the issue has not been discussed at length with regards to its impact in provinces and cities. Thus, it is high time to understand the impact and forecast of the crisis within the context of Cebu.

Speakers were:

Joey A. Bermudez, Maybridge Asia, Inc., Chairman; Management Association of the Philippines, Manager; Chinatrust (Philippines) Commercial Bank, Former CEO

Fernando C. Fajardo, Economics, University of San Carlos, Professor; Cebu Daily News, Columnist; National Economic Development Authority Region 7, Former Director

The implications and the mitigating measures of the GEC were discussed by the 2 speakers based from there own research and observations.

Present during the forum were local government representatives, Non-Government Organizations (Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Philexport and more) Students, Urban-Poor Coops, Business Institutions (VECO, Aboitizland, Metaphil & more)

Gained a lot of insights from the forum; although I didn't raise any questions since I was still recovering from the rapid absorption of information; also I was informed it will be a quarterly event, so perhaps if I would be able to attend the next session, then I will definitely ask a lot.
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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

North Dakota Surveyors

Tuesday, July 07, 2009 0
Do you have Engineering and Surveying needs in North Dakota? This Company provides you necessary information and services for you or your company, such as:

Private, state and federal Oil-gas engineering & surveying; Public and private land surveys for our house or business; land development, topographic, aerial, general infrastructure and the like surveying and mapping.

They have a team of competent individuals, surveyors & engineers to give you the necessary quality services from project, construction to survey management; Different types of surveying and mapping; with the use of the latest technology such as GPS, CAD and the like.

Their website provides information needed for your civil engineering and surveying needs. See their detailed services, recent updates, projects completed and information about the company. The site is simple and easy to navigate.

For more information you may see North Dakota Engineer for your engineering and survey needs.
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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Project Headshot Clinic One Youth

Saturday, July 04, 2009 0
Project Headshot Clinic (HSC) is a brand new concept that merges Profile photos online and Advertising as we see campaigns, advertisements, and advocacies may easily be conveyed through our unique digitized headshots, online profile photos can be potential online billboards. Its major components are: registration, mass shooting, and mass uploading on social network web sites (as profile photo), which make HSC an effective and creative marketing tool. HSC creates curiosity and impact to those who are not yet aware or part of it.

Globe One Youth is the campaign of Globe Telecom that supports Niccolo Cosme’s Project Headshot Clinic advocacy of unity among the Filipino youth. A thousand individuals have already joined the cause in Metro Manila. Hundreds more are about to join as we bring One Youth to six more cities nationwide.

Have your photo taken by one of the country’s best fashion photographers. Post it on your website as your profile picture and with your photo, communicate the change that you stand for so that every time your friends see you on Friendster, Facebook, Blogspot or other sites, they are reminded of your advocacy. As they say, change starts with one and it starts with you.

This July 4, 2009 at Club Vudu, Crossroads Mall, Banilad, Cebu City from 6 PM to 2 AM.


Davao Whistle Top, Matina Town Square last June 27
Cebu Club Vudu, Crossroads Mall, Banilad - July 4
Baguio Chill Out Bar, Leonard Road - July 11
Manila D Zone, Sherwood Place, Taft Avenue - July 18

For more information, visit http://oneyouth.globe.com.ph
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