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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Your Full Leadership Potential with Leadership Circles

Reach Your Full Leadership Potential with Leadership Circles with Ed Pilapil, Jr. is another training opportunity for your skills and full self to grow is brought to you by Salt and Light Ventures. Reach Your Full Leadership Potential with Leadership Circles will start at 6pm to 9pm, Starting July 6, 2010 @ The AIM Conference Center, Makati, Philippines.

Most successful leaders speak about certain catalysts or mentors that greatly influenced them to become the leader that they are. This is true for the celebrity leader who gets attention from the media and also true for the quiet yet effective leader who prefers to pursue a vision without fanfare.

Whatever the style of leadership, there was always someone there who was instrumental in making that significant contribution in the life of a leader.

However, I believe that it is not just the catalysts or mentors that can make a difference in a leaders' life. I believe it is also the many lessons that the leader acquires from other leaders. I think there is no doubt in the idea that the best way to learn effective leadership is to learn it from effective leaders. And the best way to learn what a leader should not do is also from other leaders.

Leadership Circles is about leaders learning from other leaders, it is about leaders mutually mentoring each other. It is a place to add value to others and the place to receive value as well. It is also a place to grow ones network of leaders from different disciplines and industries, outside the office.

Leadership Circles is not a one-time seminar. It is a monthly fellowship of leaders with a common belief that "iron sharpens iron" or "leaders sharpen leaders."

Training Investment
For regular monthly sessions, your learning investment is P2,500+VAT per session. (Inclusive of heavy PM snack).
*We accept walk-ins! Walk-in Rate is at P3,000

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