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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to being personal

Back to being personal..YES this simply means that this blog is going back to its roots...Deep really really deep roots..It's been a while since I shared a thought/rant/reaction/experience no matter how random it maybe!

I miss ranting, proposing and some other random writing projects and the like for this blog. Although I will still post some stuff that can be useful and I will still try to make this site a venue or gate for any potential Employer that may hire me!

With that in mind, I have separated events coverage from this site but I will still definitely post Advocacy type of campaigns or events. Despite the chaotic 4 months now, I have reflected and realized that I'm still slacking off, this is not even close to my days during college. I decided to still RISE and MOVE UP my game..So hopefully I will be VICTORIOUS!

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