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Sunday, April 02, 2017

Searching for Pityak Falls of Kanghalo or Tubod-Duguan Falls in Dumanjug Cebu?

On a Saturday afternoon, after visiting Lusno Falls in Ronda (bordering Argao), we decided to go back to Dumanjug and search for the Pityak Falls. When arriving there, Pityak Falls is located in Brgy. Kanghalo but lo-and-behold, this is another 'border' (Tubud-Duguan) area hence the confusingly long title: 'Pityak Falls of Kanghalo or Tubod-Duguan Falls in Dumanjug Cebu.'

A lot of people insist that this waterfall is actually called Tubod-Duguan Falls because the barangay hall of Tubud-Duguan Falls is also near and asking locals is kind of useless because it depends on which local you encounter; could be from Tubud-Duguan side or Kanghalo-Dumanjug side. Heck even my mom and uncle has different views on this, my uncle says it is definitely Tubud-Duguan while mom says its on Kanghalo side.

Up close with the Waterfalls
If you proceed further upstream, you will see a cliff-like drop from this river, I could not even explore this part. So imagine if we went here during the rainy season, that's one deep river near the waterfalls!!
Anyway, when arriving there, I can say that Photos can never give justice to Pityak’s true beauty. Also this was during the hot-summer season, so it was a bit dry and most likely not the full force of Pityak Falls or Tubud-Duguan Falls.

Groufie with the family (Sister and cousins)
Getting to this border area:
Once again, this is accessible via South Bus Terminal and get off when reaching the town of Dumanjug. From the national road it is about 30-45 min. travel time via habal-habal wherein you will be passing 2 or 3 baranggays along the way.

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I want to go back there to really see it again as well as the semi-dried up river. You definitely should see it in person too! Also, here's a summary video of our trip:

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