Cebu Black-Out

A black-out hit cebu yesterday at around 9+ am, at first it was the usual "Power Outage" but as I waited for 1 hour...I was going crazy at home for it was soo hot and there was nothing to do so I decided to go to the city to cool off in malls and the like. When I arrived in the city area where I stopped to eat lunch, I also noticed that the food shop where I was eating also had no power and as I rode towards SM in a jeepney, establishments left and right also had no power.

I got nervous that I simply wasted money just to end up in an area with no power as well. But I remained optimistic and said to myself that, "Hey, SM got some generators right?" well yeah...and as I stepped in their was power, but no air conditioning. Crap, well I walked towards the floor where the Job Fair was and as I reached half-way, I literally ran out of breath, it was very hot and humid with people talking and sweating as well. Luckily, in the Comfort Room areas, there was a fan and I literally stayed there to restore my energy.

I would say that it was truly an unexpected black out since establishments were literally caught off guard. 2 Power plants in naga were supposedly shut down and the Cebu Leyte power line tripped? So pretty much, most if not all of the establishments and/or businesses in cebu city and those in the provinces definitely suffered some losses, a lot of losses.

We met with Tianexx and supposedly we missed the CBS-MAX-Starbucks escapade, and we simplyn opted to stay in the area near the Comfort Rooms, and Trade Hall where the Job Fair was as well. Later as we waited for one of our former classmates, jay and gretchen so that we will move to a much more conducive location to discuss our project proposal for our Young Minds Academy. Also, we met up with ate joan of gen2-Team UP/Da Vinci for she too was applying for a job.

We then went to Ayala Center and cooled off their since there was AIRCON!!! and we ended up discussing/Brainstorming in the Terraces Garden Area, where we met up with Raymundo, one of our team members. Tianexx contributed as well to our discussion and kept the gathering a little lively by Taking Photos and after the discussion roamed in Ayala in the Earthday Booths and Activities.

Although the first half of the day sucked, the 2nd half is was awesome! The day also reminded us that without our technologies where we are so dependent on these days, we are simply at the mercy of nature. This should also be an eye-opener for our local officials to seek renewable energy or for cebu to generate its own power/energy source/s. And, not just some quick patch solution the government almost always relies on.

Say no to coal powered plants but rather seek solar/wind/wave/bio-mass energy generation for it won't only benefit cebuanos, businesses, but could also generate jobs and be a stepping stone for the green future of cebu!
Cebu Black-Out Cebu Black-Out Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Sunday, April 26, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. if nakakita pa mu namuh, malingaw unta mu. ngpa.bugnaw ra pd mi did2 starbucks. wahahahaha. sayanga jd angkul. :P

    wai kwenta akong comment. XD

  2. I think the government must also look into other potential sustainable source of energy - one that must be considered is the use of nuclear energy.

  3. asa na ang pics bai??imu ta gbutang pic ni tamaraw..ahahahha!

  4. lo, im not sure ha but i think ang power dire cebu is also controlled by PNOC in tongonan, leyte..

    that day when you experienced a blackout here in cebu, samar and our place also suffered the same circumstance..