Crown Regency's Edge Coaster Experience

We were treated to Crown Regency's Edge Coaster Experience immediately after the NEO Launching. I have always wanted to try this out, from its 1st introduction to numerous Promo's and other opportunities but this was truly a blessing! My Crown Regency Edge Coaster Experience was totally free, well I had to pay for 1 picture of me and Mr. FocalGlass riding the edge coaster (We were the 1st Sacrifices). At 1st my feet shaked but after taking in the view of Cebu's unique urban landscape + chitchat w/ VJ, it was worthwhile.

Certificate of Completion for the Edge Coaster Ride

The Edge Coaster Certificate is signed by Richard King, Chairman of Crown Regency Tower Hotel. This is to certify that I have successfully completed the ride of the World’s First Edge Coaster. Even the time, date and the weather condition at the time were stated.

Crown Regency is located along OsmeƱa Boulevard, Cebu City. It is hailed as the tallest hotel tower in the Philippines. To think that I would be able to go to the 37th floor, in which cost you about Php400-600.00 these days. We passed by a check point where you show your ticket. The first of its kind in the whole world – an amusement ride installed at the edge of a hotel building. The Sky Experience Adventure of the Edge Coaster is definitely a unique experience of mixed fear, excitement, fun, and if you ate something when riding it, you will also feel a bit sick while viewing Cebu's landscape.

The Edge Coaster dares anyone to ride a two-seater coaster that glides around the tower for four (4) minutes while enjoying the view of the city. The seat starts slowly with speed bursts along the corners for added thrill. The seat also tilts down up to 55 degrees giving the rider a taste of adrenaline rush! An interactive lever allows the riders to control the degree of tilt, giving them the option of a relaxed or adventurous ride.

The Edge coaster is just one of the facilities of the Sky Adventure Experience project of Crown Regency. Other features of the project are the Sky bar, Sky Walk, Sky Lounge, and soon, the Insanity Orbit (As for the 4d Cinema and Sky Walk, sa susunod nalang).

The Crown Regency Edge Coaster Experience is definitely a one-of-a-kind ride of your life! Special Thanks to the PR Works and NEO!

Photo Credit: Xerxes Aaron, Vernon Go
Crown Regency's Edge Coaster Experience Crown Regency's Edge Coaster Experience Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Wednesday, May 26, 2010 Rating: 5

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  1. WHOA! That seems fun. The launch here in Davao had fire blowers and fire dances. Alang Edge ssa Davao eh. :)