Google + Pacman = Win!

Google has always Modified its Search Engine page or "Doodle of the day" to complement a certain commemoration of an achievement of a person or contribution that affected humanity and even just plain holidays. To mark the 30th anniversary of PACMAN since it was released last May 22, 1980- Google made a decision to have the classic arcade game playable in Google.

After a good response/feedback from the internet world (It was so popular that almost everyone was talking about it on Twitter, Facebook, etc.), Google decided that from now on, Google is not just a search giant- but also an gaming portal! What do you think of this game being playable in Google?

To play Pac-Man in Google, head over to Just go to the Google + Pacman page HERE and click on “Insert Coin” to start playing. For those who haven’t tried this yet, click on “Insert Coin” twice and the game will bring up Ms. Pac-Man, making it into a 2-player game. Pac-Man can be controlled via the arrow keys, while Ms. Pac-Man can be controlled via the W (forward), A (left), S (backward) & D (right) keys.

I’m sure this will be a popular time killer in offices and classrooms. Although the application is not that heavy unless you're on dial up, but it is still Not Safe for Work (NSFW) but then again people will still play it. This reminded me when I was still a kid of how I enjoyed playing simple arcade games!
Google + Pacman = Win! Google + Pacman = Win! Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Thursday, May 27, 2010 Rating: 5

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