Meeting Nikki Gil, World Vision Ambassador

Meeting Nikki Gil, World Vision Ambassador was a very good and inspiring experience. Despite her busy schedule, she took time in visiting a dump-site in Umapad Mandaue City and promote World Vision during the press conference I attended.

Nikki was voted by People Asia magazine as one of the Top Women of Substance and Style in Asia, which only proves that more than her pretty face, she also has a lot of talent and heart (Beautiful Inside and out ;D). She sponsored a child through World Vision Philippines last 2007 and since then, she has willingly joined various activities appealing to the public to help children through Child Sponsorship.

“I imagine Filipino kids finishing school, with exciting futures, full of opportunities…this is my world vision.”…
“Poverty is the most unfair thing that can happen to a child because they are born to it and have no choice. Now, those of us who are more blessed are given the opportunity to create change,” Niki shares.

What is your World Vision? Bloggers are always ready to take action, avoiding any form of procrastination as much as possible, we don’t just go into blogging because of the money, we blog about our passion in order to achieve any related form of success. As bloggers we always learn new things and are ready to flow with change. We learn what works and improve on what does not and with that we can change the blogosphere through changing the views of people about bloggers.

We are not just people who sit down encoding on their laptops/netbooks or staring all day at a desktop, we just don't type, rant, complain on whatever we want, we too have a sense of Bloggers' Social Responsibility. Due to the influence that bloggers wield whether it is big or small, each of us are ripples that can eventually affect the lives of people both online and offline. And as Citizen Journalists, we can share, blog advocacies and GOOD NEWS instead of all the killings and negativities that are happening all around us.

With that, let us all join Ms. Nikki Gil and become Ripples of Change, Sponsor a Child, Use your Voice and/or be a Volunteer! Because at the end of the day, "Sino ba ang magtutulungan, kung di tayo tayo rin?"

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