SmartBro Pocket WiFi Analysis

After arriving in Cebu from a business trip, I stumbled in SM Northwing a new product from Smart Broadband, Inc. It’s called Smartbro Pocket WiFi. The SmartBro Pocket Wifi is like the SmartBro Plug-in USB or works the same way but actually looks like a cellphone or smartphone of sorts. The SMARTBRO POCKET WIFI is basically similar to Globe Telecom’s MyFi so you'll have an idea how it works.

The Smartbro pocket wifi device, which is a product from Smart will be available at Smart Wireless Centers soon. With Smartbro Pocket WiFi, you can bring your Wi-Fi connection with you wherever you go and turn any place into your own Wi-Fi hotspot. It’s small, compact and it fits well in your pocket.

Here is a quick overview of the Smartbro Pocket WiFi:
- Plan 495 for 50 hours
- Initial cash out of Php 495, plus Php 150 for the unit
- You can have up to 2 Mbps, or up to 5 connections
- You can get free additional 5 hours if you pay your bills on time
- In excess of allotted hours, normal rates will apply which is Php 10 per 30 minutes
- The device is more or less 1.5 cm thick, 2 inches width, 3.5 inches in length.

Based from the Tech Guy I asked, It basically acts as a regular router--but of course, mobile. Another point he included is that if the nearest SMART tower is busy, you may not be able to get top speed but if it isn't you will. Also, being mobile gives you options from 4G to HSDPA to GPRS if need be but those are just options if you're really in an emergency situation where you are that desperate to access the internet :P.

Enjoy freedom and have fun with your own Wifi hotspot wherever we are! It would be awesome to be a walking Wifi Zone!!

Will SmartBro Pocket WiFi be part of your shopping list? Will it be an interesting buy perhaps?
SmartBro Pocket WiFi Analysis SmartBro Pocket WiFi Analysis Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Saturday, October 16, 2010 Rating: 5


  1. it can be work international,specifically in japan????

  2. that I'm not sure, it'd be best to ask SMART Co. directly

  3. were can we buy one of these?.. im searching for it in SM cebu city but the stock are not yet available.. 

  4. Meron po ba itong prepad ?? Respone Advance TY ..

  5. will it probably come with unlimited internet hours later on?