Globe’s Super Surf & Globe Power Surf

Have you heard of the Globe Super Surf and Globe Power Surf? Internet and Mobile users rejoice, for these promos from GLOBE will make your mobile browsing worthwhile! Through the choices of either Globe Super Surf or Globe Power Surf, you will get the opportunity to Surf the internet on your mobile phone whenever, wherever!

I am looking forward to getting my own mobile gadget (A Samsung Galaxy Tab [via image above] or the Samsung Galaxy Mini s5570, equipped with latest android OS--also light and small) since it is really a drag carrying my netbook and looking for a WiFi Hotspot in a mall or coffee shop just to gain access to the internet when on the move.

The introduction of Globe’s Super Surf and Power Surf really made the mobile services affordable to subscribers for the increasing mobile internet connectivity demand.

As you or most of you my readers know, Philippines is the SMS/Texting Capital in the World, which means most Filipinos have a mobile device/cellphone. With the rapidly decreasing prices of cell/smart-phones, fast technology turnover and many more related factors, Philippines is primed to be a Mobile Internet connectivity Hub in the Future!

Globe has a variety of plans that would fit to your demands and budget so just check some of it below:

Super Surf – Postpaid
  • Php50.00 for 1 day 
  • Php220.00 for 5 days
  • Php999.00 for 30 days

Super Surf – Prepaid
  • Php50.00 for 1 day 
  • Php220.00 for 5 days
  • Php999.00 for 30 days

Power Surf
  • Php15.00 for 1 hour (1 day expiration, Php1.00 minimum load) 
  • Php30.00 for 3 hours (1 day expiration, Php5.00 minimum load)
  • Php50.00 for 5 hours (3 days expiration, Php5.00 minimum load)

Check out Globe’s Site for more information!
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  1. if you'd like to avail this promo, just go for the latest mobile phones. i would suggest the iphone4 8gb its everything you need aside from its popular background tasks (or multitasking). This feature is finally coming to the new iOS 4 and surely you will enjoy this promo not just a piece of obsolete models mobile phone where for me it doesn't make any sense in availing this promo.