Shape Up with Skechers!

Skechers Store in Ayala Center Cebu Active Zone
We were given the opportunity to be in the know of the latest products of sketchers and at the same time tested the products of Skechers. What’s currently on trend is the Skechers shape ups which looks weird but is totally awesome! Skechers Shape-Ups has been specially designed to help users burn more calories while they walk, reduce joint and back stress, and tone muscles.

Unboxing of the Shape-Ups latest design the SRR
that is one cool looking packaging!
Interesting look
feels interesting
Looks good and look at my normal shoes at the back
Looks can be deceiving :)
We were testing its 'feel'
Shocking! I feel off balance but it feels so comfortable at the same time while my muscles around my legs were working
Shape-ups are technical shoes designed to strengthen muscles, promote weight loss, and improve posture. Featuring a rocker-bottom outsole and Resamax(TM) kinetic wedge that together simulate walking on soft sand, Shape-ups provide a constant natural instability, activating muscles with every step.

After taking off the shape-ups and went back to our 'normal' shoes, it felt Depressing...seriously
Bloggers with Ms.'K' XD
Skechers Shape-Ups can easily help industry professionals get the workout that their bodies need even while at work. Through a unique, soft kinetic wedge insert and dynamic rolling bottom, Skechers Shape-Ups simulate how it is to be walking on sand prompting the wearer to have better posture while working out his/her buttocks, legs, back and abdominal muscles. And by providing a more natural walking surface, Skechers Shape-Ups also help reduce joint pressure. Just slip it on and walk your way to getting in shape.

Disclaimer: I’m not a fashion blogger or expert and I did not get paid to write/blog about this. Feel free to comment if you believe you have a higher level of insight regarding fashion for this is just based on my own experience and that the product just so happen to be UBER AWESOME!

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  1. cool shoes... and it promotes weight loss? awesome! i need to get me a pair... lol

  2. hi!, not necessarily weight loss but makes your feet exercise hence will probably make you sweat xD and hopefully some weight loss

  3. haha.. yeah, that's what i meant.. lol keep on posting.. good stuff! =)