Merrel not just for Outdoors but also barefoot

I am already familiar with the product offerings of merrel being an outdoor shoe specialist but I was quite surprised with their offering the Merrell Barefoot Collection: Let your Feet Lead You. The design was the signature outdoor look with lots of ventilation for various outdoor needs to waterproof ones or for climbing.

They had that pair of shoes that is perfect for going around in puddles, wet roads and wherever you wish to walk in without worrying if the water will seep in. Even more interesting were these cool netted rubber shoes that had the “quick dry” innovation and there was another one that can help prevent bacteria from coming into your feet!

On Barefoot Running:

In 1960 Abebe Bikilia was a late addition to the Ethiopian Olympic Team, set to run the marathon. When he didn't like the way his shoes fit before the race, he decided to scrap them and race barefoot, the way he had trained. Two hours and fifteen minutes later, he was Olympic Champion, the hero of a nation and the first big name in barefoot running.

Fast forward nearly 50 years later, when Christopher McDougall releases Born to Run, a book about the Tarahumara Tribe in the remote mountains of Mexico. Slowly people started to talk more and more about barefoot running and the benefits that it brings.

Fast forward to now, where Merrell is proud to announce a new partnership with Vibram exclusively collaborating to introduce a complete barefoot collection of shoes in the outdoor category. Basically, we're putting together a collection of minimalist, lightweight, versatile and efficient footwear that will be available in the Philippines by April 2011; an entire category of barefoot shoes that lets your feet lead you into your outdoor passion of choice.

So why run barefoot and what about barefoot shoes?

These new shoes will help create a more natural stride by moving you away from the heel and encouraging forward momentum, where you land at mid foot. This makes for lower impact, and more aligned and efficient gait, and you get some health benefits wrapped in there. Beacause most people are so used to walking/running/moving with their heel striking first, this design will stimulate different muscles, helping to strengthen your core and agility. The whole idea that what you put on your feet - be it to hike, bike, run, walk the dog or just grab a coffee - can help improve your health and body is pretty awesome.
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