There and back again in Naga-Cebu's Mt. Naupa

Naupa 360-peak and True-Peak (Highest point) in one shot
Mt. Naupa is located in Naga City, just an hour away from Cebu City. Trekking activities on the mountain have started to increase in number. Not only because it features great landscape views, but also, due to its accessibility and the trails are already well established.

Climbing Mount Naupa requires a decent amount of effort, even first timers can do it fairly well without passing out. Rain or shine is not an issue as well. Night trek is also possible and poses minimal challenge (for the experienced of course) since there are a lot of night trekkers who flock to Naupa too.

My Favorite shot when we visited Naupa for the first time in 2013
The route starts at Cogon Chapel, a jump-off site you can reach by taking a motorbike. Starting from the chapel, the trail leading to the peak is already established. There are also children willing to guide you to the peak for a price. There were not a lot of motorbikes willing to take you to this place back then but now, it's ridiculously accessible already. And once there you can visit the 360 or Naupa's True peak!

Behind us is the highest point of Naupa, the "True Peak" which is a bit difficult compared to the 360-peak that is well known

This is what the True Peak looks like - not much compared to 360 peak
I have visited Naupa for a total of three times already, Twice through an overnight stay and once via a day hike. Each time I visit, I see different sides of the beauty of Naupa. I have seen it's raw, untouched beauty before it was well known way back in 2013 and now when signs of human development (which is inevitable I guess) has arrived in the area. See a quick compilation below:

Here's another series of Photos, with various groups that accompanied me for each visit! :)

Various Access points to Naupa, Naga, Cebu:
  • All starts from South Bus Terminal or if you know the other routes going to Naga or Minglanilla via Multi-Cab jeepneys
  • You can start heading to the jump off point via Gaisano Minglanilla to Cogon Chapel and vice versa through Habal-habal
  • You can also access it from Brgy. Tungkop, Minglanilla.
  • Or you can go to Naga Uling road or that corner road (with Bakeshops) right before South General Hospital if you are coming from Cebu City
There are many things you can do when in Naupa. You can start with the most obvious, taking Photos (selfies, groufies, landscapes: peak, true peak, trail..etc..); then there's camping of course. I've tried camping on the 360 peak [winds are quite strong], and anywhere below Naupa's 360 peak.

Our not-so-obvious secret spot early this 2017

This is what our rainy and wet camp look like at the peak last 2013

And unfortunately, this was the scene on the other side of our secret spot early this 2017

Playing with lights at night. Photo By: Louie Plaza

Chasing the milky way at midnight. Photo by: Louie Plaza

How about a group photo at night? Photo by: Louie Plaza

Playing with Silhouettes at sunset. Photo by: Louie Plaza

Maybe some squad portraits. Photo by: Louie Plaza

Star Gazing!! Photo by: Louie Plaza

If you want to enjoy the beauty of Naupa, let us all keep on making it clean and perhaps help in giving awareness to newbie hikers as well. And as always, don't forget to Leave No Trace as well!

Check out our recent visit to Naupa!:

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