Things I did to survive this year!!

Well it has always been my blog tradition to have a year end round-up of sorts but this year, I finally decided to get creative with the title..hehehe So here it is a year end round-up or a year in-review blog post! Also, this time around I won’t be lazy or ‘pressured’ to make this post, believe it or not I really took time to plan and write about this blog post since I’ve always been jealous of other bloggers (like Mikyu) who makes a very ridiculously comprehensive year end posts. :3

Monthly Highlights:
March -  I felt unworthy but still overly humbled to have witnessed and interacted with various South East Asians and Europeans thru an Urban Development Forum
May - Summer kicks in and learned me some basics of Wing Chun Kung Fu!
June - June was no doubt the craziest month of 2011 --more than 5 speaking engagements, 1st time TV Shooting :D; met Brother Bo Sanchez & Amar Delon and indulged in a lot of fooood (Authentic Cantonese Chinese Cuisine)!
July - interacted with some awesome Russian musicians (ROSSIYA)
August - Got news that KRISPY KREME is now in Cebu by late quarter of 2011
September - my birthday passed peacefully but I was moved with the movie 'Christmas in August' thru the Korean Film Fest
October - got blown away by KFC's Zinger Double Down!! --shout-out to sponsor Donna.K. :D

Of Health:
  • Health Advocacies – breast cancer, cervical
  • MIND 7 – NNC7 ~Breastfeeding
  • Nutrition Learning Visit in Bohol
On Blogging:
  • This year marks my 6th year in blogging (Started 2005 with friendster-multiply-blogger[2008-super active]-Tumblr-WP~now)
  • Helped organized Cebu Blog Camp 2011 this year!
  • I won an award given by the CAMMA – Cebu Archdiocese MassMedia Awards~ Best in personal website
  • Made a successful transition of responsibilities and powers with CBSi’s new head; this includes the fulfillment of a personal goal to get new members in, in which became the new movers of the organization
  • Gained new followers via social networking accounts and broke the 100K views of my personal blog –weeeee
  • Went back to school, but this time via E-Learning with Ateneo De Manila University-Digital Filipino’s Module 1 on becoming a Certified Blog-Social Media Entrepreneur (First time to experience E-Learning!!! ^_^)
  • Did my first paid workshop~ UNPLUGGED TALK SERIES
  • A very active year for my speaking engagements, the most by far and ended with the highlight of VBS2011
South-bound during the Kalag2 towards Dumanjug--another backlog hehee~
 On Writing:

At the Capitol during the Rossiya Musical but an awesome place to do a speaking engagement I'd say

On being a Speaker:
On Business:
  • Hey I’m an Entrepreneur!!! (A female friend commented you’re unemployed!? -_-) In the strictest sense I experienced it more heavily this year and yes you could say one is unemployed…
  • Launched our Start-Up Restaurant Business
  • First time to pay percentage tax to BIR monthly~ehehehe
  • Got paid by my first big client!! Yehey! But then one splurges…and parents sucked on it as well
  • Invested in some books which ended up as a backlog, also bought a bunch of Entrepreneur Magazines

Walang Iwanan!
 On Community Work:
House Build with Dutch, Belgians and Spaniards
 On People, VIPs:
 Random Notes:
  • Had many fun moments with friends!!! :D 
  • had some emo and self-motivating posts as well EXAMPLE
  • Also a very active year in terms of exercise, compared to the last 5 years (Tried Chinese Martial Arts called Wing Chun; consistently ran, lift some weights)
  • Engaged in new areas of personal advocacy – tourism, health, and social welfare ~all of which were totally unplanned
  • Traveled to Bantayan Island and witnessed the GK Bayani Challenge 2011;
  • Joined in with GK Builders’ Camp with other volunteers and did about 5 House Builds this year with one non-GK
  • Traveled once outside Cebu this year –explored Bohol (still need to blog about it though); compared to last year’s 3 times
  • I have a new look and hair cut :D
  • Influencing People to Blog randomly or whenever I go and meet some students and random people..I'm seeing some progress from them!! :3
  • Saw some new animes which touched my heart and soul – Gintama and Gurren Lagann ~they do have some life lessons in’em :P
How could I forget the various types of food I ate this year? Check out the FOOD section at the top of this blog :3

2011 will be a year I will never forget, a year full of twists,  firsts and major turning points:
I was at the beginning of the year, in terms of matters of the heart, a Man who can't be moved..But then I had to say "Never Mind I'll find someone like you.." or hope for a better one to rock my world.

On the same instance, I was also betrayed..well one can't really control how people may change or feel but one thing's for sure; there are a lot of demons in human form in this world and people can be really insincere and lie with a straight face IN MY FACE! As this was a test of my sanity and emotions, I was almost overcome by RAGE but then I had to channel it somewhere else for I was for the most part of the year incapable of working properly and it took a long while to recover.

Finding hope in the constant - GOD ~ as this year reminded me also that there are always second chances in life, especially to those who would keep on moving (even if it is slow) forward. No retreat, no surrender, never give up and give in. Your demons may be bigger, better, stronger and just simply better; but if you lay your heart, your soul, your faith on the line, from the strengths of your backs, the soles of your feet, with every ounce of blood you've got in your body and fight on as if you are to die, then you will never be defeated.

Keep Moving Forward:
I am not interested in the posibilities of defeat but I do welcome failure more now. Be Not Afraid of Failure, if possible Fail Brilliantly, for failure teaches you more things that you can ever imagine compared to Success: "Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths"- Walt Disney (~Meet the Robinsons --Keep moving forward) :3

Who the heck do you think I am? Believe in the Impossible and Kick Reason in the Face!!!
I'm thankful for the pain, indecision, loss, regret, every bit of challenge, fear, and rejection this year. All these things helped me live a much fuller, filled-with-lessons life; and with them in my past now, I can look forward to 2012 with more cheer, love, grace, and faith.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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  1. Thank You guys for being part of my 2011 :3 

  2. Happy new year, Iggy! This is a nice year-ender post. Nahiya naman yung sarili kong blog post, hahaha! Hope to see you at the next Cebu blog camp! =)

  3. Holy ssshhh, Vernon! Good thing your year wasn't as boring as mine, your enlightenment came sooner than mine hahahha

  4. I envy your year-end post Iggy... in a good way though. 

    I pray for more blessings for you in 2012!

  5. haha special mention jd? i-link pd nah sa akung blog oi. hehe. anyway, congratz for a fruitful year. hinaot fruitful ra japon ka ig.2012. hehe. :)

  6. yes to that miss janette! same to you!!

  7. hehehe ok lang yun...hehehe we only have one life so live it!!! See you on the next Camping! ahahah

  8. Holy shhhh jud ahhaha bag-o na dah...hahaha basin this year ma boring naniii eheheh watakibaw times change pud basin exchange ta

  9. awww over-linked naka oie jejejeje sige gooo akong i link unya...eheheh diko mag fruits oie wako nag diet...BUDOL PAYT YEAR GURU NI WAHAHAHAHAH same to you...fruitful imoo pud :3

  10. Pag sure oie...hahaha I was Emo for more than half the year...I just realized all these happened when I 'audited' the year ehehhe this is why I blog..hehehe do discover things aren't so sad hahahah ikaw pud wa ta kibaw nindot diay imo year!!! eheheh more blessing for you too!!

  11. in all fairness, I really like reading this! With a bit humor, happy new year igz!

  12. tenkyu2, basin ang jump shot rai imong gibasa hup! ahahahaa

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