Writing Love Letters is difficult

Writing letters is especially difficult in the information age, a time of instant noodles, instant coffee, instant communication and so forth. Communication, data generation & processing are so fast that sitting down, reflecting and pouring one's soul into a piece of paper can really take a lot of energy. But that did not stop me from my little writing project slash self-challenge after doing (2 rounds of) FREE HUGS in public, so here is my writing story which led me now to writing love letters:

1st Written letter (and speech):
The 1st Letter I wrote was an assignment in Highschool in English-Speech; I was tasked to write a speech on a particular topic and then I had to read wait, no speak as if I was making a speech. RESULT: I was a stammering mess.

1st Rap (written and rapping):
This was the most Ironic time in my life wherein I was tasked to modify an existing lyric to integrate a topic into a jingle/rap of sorts; the irony for me was that the subject is Mathematics (Algebra) -->yes, we had that cool math teacher who tries to make MATH fun...but being in FRONT was never FUN for me at all..fast forward, RESULT: stammering RAP (but got through it).

After having experiencing some degree of despair in my life, I actually wanted to write it down but I did not pursue it.

1st Love Letter (to someone):
Fast forward to college, I was forced to write a love letter for Literature class. At the time, I wrote it for compliance purposes but of course I wrote it from an Idealist point of view. I got a good remark and grade from it to my surprise.

1st Blog post:
This was in friendster, then in multiply and ultimately blogged via blogger dot com

1st Writing Organization:
The 1st actual writing group I joined was the Technologian Student Press in CIT (University) and was fortunate enough to learn the ropes in 1 year, being that I joined during my very senior 5th year college; also, around this time I became a member of Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc.

Wrote my 2nd Written Speech and delivered it before My Graduating Class (at least with my BSIE batchmates during our Ringhop Ceremony):
This was entitled "Gratitude is the Memory of the Heart" - the major milestone here is it's the 1st time my parents heard something I wrote and the 1st time I spoke in front with parents, student and teachers present.

1st Series of Letters to myself via my own Blog:
I was a mess, in life and in love--> feel free to read it: Self Talk 1, 2, & 3. I even had awesome year ender documentary write-up.

I also collect motivational images/photos with quotes that inspire me to write and share "Kindness"
Basically writing enabled me to travel, earn money, win an award, meet amazing people, celebritiesgovernment officialspromote a causespeaking engagements, and also learned more about life; I even wrote about the power of words at one time.

And I recently was inspired by reading 2 articles and 1 video which led me to writing love letters:
The 1st one is a video about Hannah Brencher, who believes in the power of pen and paper, and has started a global initiative that encourages strangers to exchange love letters. See TED Talk here.

And since I have never received a love letter yet, or maybe my traumatic memories of highschool blocked my childhood/puberty memories, I have decided to write, to give it a try and see how it goes. I successfully did so last December 2012; I tested it in varied ways, I gave some to strangers, to acquaintances, to friends, in secret and face-to-face. The reaction I got was funny, creepy, weird and awesome! But of course, I was procrastinating at the time and ended up writing 10 letters in 2 days and after which I was drained and could not write properly till next year came (2013).

I even made a facebook status, asking my network for a quick survey on Love Letters!

And then recently we just got a new Pope, Pope Francis who is making waves of reform and change in society and in the Roman Catholic world. Which lead me to reading these 2 articles recently:
  • Meeting the Pope - This guy from brazil wrote a letter to the pope, the pope responded and he met the pope!
  • Making Time for Others: The Pope's Way - The pope finds time in his busy schedule to write a thank-you note. Article Excerpts: “It reminds us that no one is too busy to do an act of kindness. The Pope, probably one of the busiest people in the world, took time out of his day (or night) to send a handwritten note to someone whom he has never even met. His act made me want to be more generous in my own life with my time." -- “If the Pope can find time to be kind to others, if he can pause to say thank you, if he can take a moment make someone feel appreciated, then so can I. So can we.”
Here's an excerpt of my most recent motivational letter I constructed as an endorsement for a leadership program for a friend (parts, recipient withheld):
...So here’s the thing about changing the world. It turns out that’s not even the question, because you don’t have a choice...You do not pass through this life, it passes through you. You experience it, you interpret it, you act, and then it is different. That happens constantly. Most of the time, things change the way you didn't expect it to--far more than we can ever imagine...Someday, everything will all make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that "everything happens for a reason". Sometimes, you need to take a leap of faith first; the trust part comes after..

Good luck in your journey, and Mada Mada Dane~ :P

So why should I convince you to write or even dare write love letters?
One's thoughts or even heart is like a security vehicle used by banks. It holds something precious within. It is protected with thick metal armor, add to that armed with security personnel with light to medium artillery. But when that door at the back or side or wherever opens up to deliver or receive valuables or money, at that moment it is most vulnerable.

What does this mean? It means we are afraid, it means we are fearful. "Fear is not bad or evil, it tells you what your weakness is. And once you know your weakness, you can become stronger as well as kinder."-Gildarts of FairyTail

Opening up is a risk, but it is only through opening up that we become our true selves; it is in acts of great reward that our hearts and soul truly rejoice despite the risk of failure! And this path can only lead to Happiness! If not, you'll gain knowledge and wisdom, either way, you still WIN!

Indeed I am truly inspired once again, this time though I think I'm gonna write down my soul in paper for real. I will write 24 love letters to one person as a birthday present. As the saying goes, fortune favors the brave and:

"The possibility for greatness and embarrassment both exist in the same space. If you’re not willing to be embarrassed, you’re probably not willing to be great." - Paul Angone
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