My 2010 Highlights

Come Rainy days, Storm nights, Cloudy afternoons, Sunny mornings, Misty dawn, and random Lightning. I will be the SKY that influence, understand, accepts and encompasses all of them! 
Many events, experiences and things have come to pass this year 2010 (Metal Tiger). I believed to have achieved some degree of success and fulfillment this year but of course since life finds a way to balance things, there are also some frustrations. I didn't actually realized all the happenings until I reflected upon in it. So let's start from last year's Kaizen Plan as to what I actually accomplished: (Blue - accomplished; Red - not)

1. To be slightly more objective - definitely accomplised
2. Act like an adult once in a while - super fail, I became more childish
3. Spend more time with myself and enjoy life - more outings, trips outside cebu..hehehe
4. Spend more time doing good deeds and being an effective citezen - Immersed myself in local history and culture
5. Fulfill more writing projects - paid posts, and really lots of backlogs so over the top ni
6. Blog about stuff my readers actually care about? - definitely more useful blogposts
7. Find a way to make more money - well I quit my job last july and has been struggling in the freelance/business world
8. Admit to shortcomings, should any arise - HAHAHAHAH definitely more crazy
9. Reduce the size of my ego by 10 percent>hopefully my condescending side subsides - err CHA-CHA (1step forward, 2 step backward and vice versa?)
10. Exercise regularly? -easier said than done though - though I was finally able to join a RUN but not consistent at all
11. Plant a tree, build a house or make a lot of people smile - had opportunities to plant and build but was not able to do it, but I was able to give smiles
12. Grow at least 2 inches! (evilsmirk) - since July, I was working in a BPO Firm so that's reversed Body Clock and after that I basically sleep ridiculously late so there goes the height goal.
13. Less annoying and whiny but more thoughtful & kinder - partial partial on all counts
14. Attend photography classes if I ever get my own camera 1st - got an SLR but no classes yet
15. Learn how to cook something (one at a time..amf) - Cooked in AICA!!! (Cooking Experience HERE)
16. Stick to budget and create more income streams -  on and off..oh crap...
17. Find a better-paying job, or perhaps a job with less pressure? - so I quit my job? and tried business?
18. Try to get at least six hours and at most eight hours of rest - erratic sleeping schedule
19. Read the books I got for gifts  - no books read unfortunately
20. Don’t be a litterbug and help the environment (I will collect recyclables perhaps to sell?) - YEAH!!
21. Fulfill plans (life, love, business, professional and the like) - LOVE nalang pffftt
22. Keep smiling -  :-)

There goes the comparison from the PLAN of let's get to some details. Despite not having to do something BIG or Awesome, there were definite moments that took my breath away...

On blogging...
On Writing...
  • Had a PR Published in a newspaper
  • Had a write-up Featured in the Lifestyle section in the newspaper
  • Interactions with PRINT, TV, and Broadcast media professionals
  • Became VP for Social Media for MIND-7
  • Just keep swimming, just keep writing..
On Making Money..?
  • Google Adsense Pay-out which bought me some gadgets (Netbook, DSLR)
  • More Paid Blogposts
  • Tasted a ridiculous amount of salary via the BPO Industry
  • Successful ROI on Business Venture but still need to work on consistency of cash flow ;))
On speaking engagments...(See Speaking for complete list)
On random hobbies...
On health...
On professional Development...
  • Fame>? Sunstar Feature and another one
  • Kept up my Callcenter Job till July 2010
  • Though I am proud to be one, but being an IE is still on hold..
  • Pursuing technology, blogging and social media
On Culture..(Foreign Year - French, Dutch, Russians, Australians, Americans, British, and Filipino all around the country)
On self-education and KAIZEN...
On engaging and giving back to the community...
STAR STUDDED YEAR -met some Celebrities, stars and VIPs?
After all that, Mada-mada Dane~
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  1. ahaha nalingaw ku sa colors. mura na xa'g mahimung flag. :))

    one productive year there huh! aw yeah, for a person like you, dli na ku mahibung ani. hehehe. congratz and more power sa 2011! pero ayaw palabi ky mabughat nya. hekhek. XD

  2. FLAG? waaa ...sige lang dawaton nlng na nako bwahhahah...wapakoi nabuhat na kaizen plan..maybe ZEN Plan this year...who knows..